The Bewitched Canoe

I did the posing while Joazzz did the editing.

Pretty much explain everything.

thats some haunted ass bullshit there

intentional bloom overkill on my part

because i wanted it to be ~~~~~~~~~~~~~magical

I remember reading about this in History class.

It’s blue.

i didn’t have any excuse to add orange :c

Other than it being really blue, it’s pretty nice.


Funny, I just recently taught a canoe heritage lesson and talked about The Bewitched Canoe tale.

Are those the mountains from Battlefield 3, or are they stock?

Love the composition, great work.

this pic is 2 ridic


Pretty coo’

Saw the original. Holy shit.

Forgot to comment on this. I really like this piece. The posing and the editing is pleasing.
Well done both of you.

That is the most alluring title I have seen in quite some time.