The Big Apple 2019.


Holy shit, that is bloody awesome.

really cool man. gave you an artistic

Pretty sweet dude, the buildings all have different light pallets but thats just nitpicky.

Have some paint and some wooden thing.

Awesome dude!

kee it up!

Pretty good but the background is much darker and greener than the foreground.

awesome ddok ,It’s a new feeling

how is it bloody?

get sum!

Some of the buildings remind me of fallout 3, good job.

really poorly done scanlines and the highlights are far too bloomy.


the picture doesn’t look apocalyptic at all

i dont like that scanline effect, but thats just me.

The part of the model “Get sum!” made my day.

I really like the Fallout 3-ish atmosphere.

Just so you know, the background image you used is an apocified version of Brisbane :P. I like the shot - the Juggernaught gives it a very Fallout feel. He might have looked better with a weapon, though.

Really cool, but some of the background buildings doesn’t have matching atmosphere. Also the New York sign has some edge problems.

I’m guessing the 2012 election didn’t go so well?

Sarah Palin 2012= Tada! ^

Hey, c’mon. I like the scanlines. Okay, the bloom is just a tiny bit overdone. But definately a nice pic
and a cool scene.

Holy fuck, awesome work .