The Big Bundle Of Shite in the corner -Thead's Comp-lay-shun V1

Lock please

Only make a mega thread about yourself if the pictures are good.
Thats why I didnt create one.

He can do anything he wants.^

either a troll or you are really bad.

^ probaly a bit of both

You should add the “regular” pics you have done DB, else you will end up looking like a troll.

You don’t understand the purpose of a compilation do you?
It’s to keep all my shite in one toilet.


Better stuff is in part 2.

If this is who I think it is, there is no “good stuff”.

Ok, releasing 5 terrible pictures, each in their own thread, all in the space if half an hour, is one thing, but making multiple parts to a compilation thread shows that you aren’t even *trying *to cover up the fact that you are the largest attention whore I have ever seen.

I’m gonna be honest here and say that I repeatedly told myself “This will not end well” after the second or third image.

Leave deathbucket alone, hes only human!

Just lock this shitheap already.