The big dog hunts the little kittie / Street Fighting alá G-Mod

Howdy Folks, :clint:

i thought, it’s better to post this in it’s own thread so you can give your comments about this s#!t here and we keep the space in Mr.Whitefolks “Chase” Contest free for awesome pictures.

Didn’t took me long to come up with the idea for this, since i’m so f#@ked up in my head. :keke:
The thing i don’t like about it myself is that the cat doesn’t look more realistic or maybe the dog more cartoonish. If both would match in their “style”, it would fit even more. But it was fun to create it, especialy the whole scene building.

Street fighting alá G-Mod

Huh, guess i was playing too much Street Fighter 4 lately.
Otherwise, how could i explain, how i came up with this idea ?
Too bad, Faith is very limited in faceposing.
I would have given her a better, more aggresive expression.

I also experimented with Motion blur in both pictures to add a sense of speed.
So, what do you think of this crap ?
Post your ratings, comments, critisism or anything else, that runs through you mind.

Hah, fantastic work.

Darn cool


In second pic Faith lacks emotions, otherwise, all great.

Faith isn’t even looking at the bum.

Also they are vampires, they have no shadows.


didn’t do that good of a job on isolating faith’s leg although very noice pictures.
also street fighter 4 isn’t game it’s a platformer XD

the first picture is interesting, a lot of things going on, posing is also nice

Wow, this is where you can say editing isn’t everything. Wow, I just, like, jizzed in my pants.

Well, the lack of proper faceposing at Faith is due to the very limited pose-options.
It’s posed but not good enough and i didn’t came up with a better expression, that fits to the situation.

The motion-blur on her leg was a first time attempt from me, I’m just starting to add minor graphical changes.

Last but not least:
Shadows were not casted for some reason and I’m still not good enough to change it myself afterwards.

Anyway, thanks for all of your comments so far. Keep 'em rolling. :wink:

wow realy nice posing there

great job. What map did you use?

The posing is incredibly expressive and believable and the shots fit the scenes perfectly.

A winner is you.

Well the chase scene was done in gm_bigcity and the Street Fight in cs_wired.

Francis is totally going for a cunt punch.

A Dude named “cccritical” asked me to make the kittie scene as a background for G-Mod in widescreen (16:9) and so i did it. :keke:
I upload the link here, just in case some of you might want it too.
The pack contains one with bloom and one without it but both are without the motion-blur.
(cccriticals wish :rolleyes: )

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