The Big One

crop out the ground, there’s nothing to see there

Very cool!

I wanted to give the impression that the T. rex is fairly far away, sort of like you’re standing ankle-deep in the river and looking at it.

well yeah but you’ve gotta think in terms of what you’re supposed to be focusing on. if the dinosaur is the main thing then it should take up more space. if it’s far away that just means you zoom in or put it closer.

something really important to remember is that presence is immediately communicated to the viewer by how much of the screen something takes up. that’s why most action movies are only zoomed out just enough that you understand what’s going on in a fight scene. your viewers aren’t actually looking at a real live situation with the intrinsic effect you get from actually being there, so you need to convey it through the composition and atmosphere.

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think about the start of A New Hope for example. the rebel ship is tiny and only gets smaller as it flees from the viewer, clearly showing that they’re fighting a one-sided battle against the pursuing imperial star destroyer, which looms over and covers almost the entire screen from the first time you see it. right away you know that the guys who own that big pizza-slice ship have a presence across the galaxy, and the guys running away from them are the underdogs with very little influence or control.

Biggest problem with pic is that the dinosaur is not illuminated. Water casts a light reflection so you should’ve put a lamp that shines from the water onto the dinosaur.

Ooooh, now THERE’S an idea! I’m gonna go do that now! Stay tuned!

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Alright, it’s been updated; there’s less of an empty foreground, and there’s some water reflections too.

much much better now