The big Reddit mistake

Ever since that guy posted the link to Rust on Reddit, the servers have been exploding and most players are being killed before they can even begin to protect themselves. I personally think we should bring back the keys, but since that isn’t (to my knowledge) happening, I recommend you don’t trust any players unless they are on your team. Only gather resources in a group, as if you go alone you most likely will be killed by some moron with a hatchet. Be safe and be smart. Use teamspeak because saying friendly isn’t gonna cut it anymore.

Oh also sense reddit was here, people have been getting griefed a lot. Reports of players going to bases and spamming doors all over the enterances and windows so you can’t get out.

Yeah, that seems about right for reddit.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

I still wonder who was the fucker that did that.

I wouldn’t have found this game without /r/Games, I met a pretty cool Dominican Republic bloke who helped me build a sweet base, we kitted up with shottys and prowled the night handing out pistols to Bambi’s.

But yeah the game is cawa dooty mode because the post made the front page of reddit, which consists of 12 year olds.

Giving people the resources to craft a hatchet and have the crafting menu be closed by default could quickly weed out some of the dumber of them, at least.

So the game has problems and it’s reddit’s fault? I think it’s great that they are here, get the twelve year olds to abuse every single bug and it will get fixed faster. And unless the game is going to remain private for the rest of eternity, you will have to deal with people who want you dead. Not everyone is here to go camping.


Less about the bugs, more about the servers can’t handle this many fucking people griefing and lagging at once

Every complaint I’ve seen has been related to something ingame not working properly. If the game doesn’t work well with a large influx of people, no matter what the source, it highlights what needs to be fixed asap. Idiots play games too, surviving also includes learning to work around them.

Working around them? I’ve been just fucking murdering everyone I’ve seen because so many people just want to fucking axe each other to death.

If you can explain a way to make a survival game that is dependent on loot in which nobody is out to kill you, please feel free to do so. The only way I can think of is to remove PvP entirely.

…Then you would be taking the core gameplay out of the fucking game.
Jesus christ that is the most idiotic fucking idea I’ve ever heard to improve the game.

A better idea that someone recommended (Forgot his name, credit to whoever made that) is to not let players spawn with axes, but instead have to let them craft it.

you’re complaining about them killing each other though. only way to deter random killing would be adding some visual indicator as to who’s a psycho killer.

remove PvP, replace with slenderman

I was trying to make a point that there IS no way to do it without removing PvP entirely. Which is fucking stupid unless you were looking for Camping Simulator 2014. If you honestly think I was seriously suggesting removing PvP from a PvP focused game you probably qualify for one of the idiots I was referring to a few posts back.

Yeah guys fuck Reddit it’s not like they’d never know about it anyways. Definitely not like there’s millions of people on the site and no one has heard of Facepunch or Rust, right? The games got to get out of Facepunch at sometime. If you want a “Facepunch only” game, go play Terrorism Simulator 2014 or something.

People on the internet are dicks. You’ll get griefers and KOSers no matter where you are and no matter where the game is advertised.

Maybe the developers like this in a way? It’s somewhat of a stress test. Alphas are for testing different things about the game.

Anyways, just go with it for now, let the game balance itself out. Let the developers make their updates. Let the people get bored of it and let it die down a little again. It’s not the end of the world.

edit: If you’re really that mad that your “secret club” has been breached, then just stop playing the game. No one is forcing you to play it. If you’re smart enough to see that this whole thing is just plain stupid, join us over at /r/playrust for some discussion about the game.

Replace PvP with PS4 adverts and xbox 1 hate, Reddit would just eat that shit right up.

I know you, you’ve killed me like twice at spawn with a hatchet.

Even people on Reddit realize that there is a problem, although with it being shown on reddit it is a lot more public. Limiting the game to beta keys may be the only way to ensure that the game is playable atleast until there are better servers.