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Hi all,

Thought people might want to discuss this, personally I love the idea of unused structure decay:

  1. I think the best way to handle this would be to have the game check external doors, if missing and not replaced within 3 days the structure will collapse.
  2. Another idea I had was there could be a materials tax on structures based on square footage where you need to submit a certain amount of resources for upkeep. Else the house would collapse.
  3. Make wood harder to get in some places(ie PSI base) so that the plain silly sized structures wont be built, this would also slow the building sizes and make raiding more viable. ATM people either build towers 20 storeys or mammoth houses with tonnes of metal doors which makes raiding extremely hard.

Obviously there are not necessarily quick fixes(aside from reducing wood spawns in some parts of the map but I think its always good to discuss ideas. IMO the small wood shacks should decay after 24 hours with no door. In fact you could have the decay rate larger for smaller structures

Wipe notice

Pat 1 hours ago

The server has hit the collider limit as we expected might happen. The server save file at a whopping 12mb. Everyone has managed to place enough items in the world that we’ve exceeded the built in physx limit of 65536 colliders running on the server ( which does run the entire world, unlike the client which is culled ).

It took about 5 or 6 days with minor rollbacks included.

We we’re unsure of how unity would handle breaching the limit and now we can confirm that serveral subsystems in unity plainly return null for new objects, and once a character collider is attempted to be made it plainly crashes.

We are going to be placing in some rules and workarounds specific to this limitation. Some may include the need to repair structural peices, and possibly decaying unused / abandoned structures over time.

For now the simplest solution was to wipe the map. We do have a backup of the map that we will be using for testing.

Thanks for your continuing patience as we continue to develop rust

Decaying structures seems like a good idea. I’ve seen quite a lot of empty shacks and thought “this is why my house has to disappear” many occasions

Interesting, I wonder what is going to qualify as ‘unused’. It would suck if you had to repair each individual piece of your house, as people with big houses would be spending a ton of time doing this.

An alternative solution could be making resources take more effort to gather, and maybe something such as a stamina meter, meaning you can only harvest 30 wood in the course of 5 minutes (apologies if my increments are incorrect, never played) then you have to take a break. And of course structural damage sounds like a good idea, but it shouldn’t be just the ‘don’t use it for 5 days and it disappears’ type of thing.

30 wood in 5 minutes? That wouldn’t even get you a foundation, don’t think it’ll even get you a shack.

I dont think them ideas are great to be honest, I like the idea of 3 but im not quite sure about 1 and 2. Also repairing every part of your house would be a shit ton of stuff to do if you have a BASE more than a small shack.

another idea: a Door isnt used in X ammount of days? -> decay

I think what Monaro is saying is that you need to say put mats in your storage boxes in the house and it auto repairs any decay. Obviously people are unlikely to drop mats in unused houses for fun? Nice idea and would mean there is some penalty for building enormous houses. For me I dont mind farming a little to keep the house up :slight_smile:

What if you could deconstruct pieces of the house and get back half the resources, it would give people an incentive to not leave structures behind.

Another idea is to make zombies damage the houses. If left alone they should destroy them in time if they are abandoned. That or if you do go with the abandoned modifier before it gets destroyed some lucky newb could deconstruct it and get back the resources.

Decay feature is a good way to keep you on your toes and active,
also promote people to group up,
looking from the outside in, as I don’t have played it yet.

Im thinking a separate popup with statistics of all that you built,
percentages groupings with a repair button and drop-in slots,
certain items and resources gives different boost to overall repair.
There can be new items that does it faster, lesser drawback or even gives boosts.
After dropped things in from inventory it will tell you end result and state of you buildings.
You can now choose to click repair.

Even though repairing every single piece by hand is more believable and real life,
think in this case need to do some compromises.

a drawback while in structure repair could be
negative value to your armour, it’s manageable if you staying
ontop of repairs 1-25% but if neglected and need repair more than 50%
you would be sitting duck.

And if grouping/guilds come into play,
you could have perimeter flag or stronghold box as center,
with-in the noticeable radius from the center, everything you build
can be accessed from this point (it is part from your own personal build)
so everything getting built with-in the radius is gathered instead
on separate menu, only access by group/guild in the center.

When you have dropped this group flag / strongbox,
no other group can overlap this radius, thus making that
part of the land exclusive for that group only.
Thus then protecting if from others to build around it, to take it down that way.
Knock how ever out the flag / strongbox and
it frees up for more elaborated takeover tacticts and all starts to decay rapidly.
(group/guild can after timer salvage place and build by putting up a new flag/strongbox)

Some thoughts for now, peace out…