The biggest bomb ever made

I’ve raid so many topics or threads at steam and here about more guns in the game. Every gun must be bigger or better than the previous one. Hey, even the devs are now suggesting the use of mortars after the M249. What’s going to be next?

…howitzers, heavy artillery, short, middle and long range rockets? Why not skip them all, so we can make a nuke!!!

It stays within the theme of Rust. And let’s face it, you can decide when all of the buildings and players will be wiped, by pressing the red button. After it, every player can start back from the beginning with a fresh nuclear map/server.
So Rust will be a rat race to whoever can make “the bomb” an make use of it :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldn’t resist to write this ironic thought I have when reading much requests of more, bigger or better guns :smiley:
Where’s the survival theme in the game, if you have more, bigger and better guns? We don’t have to worry about cold nights or freezing our buns off, because there isn’t a snow biome anymore. But we will survive if we can make more guns… hilarious :smiley:
It’s a struggle between a survival players (Make the game harder and harder to survive) and the common FPS players (I only want more, more and more guns to kill everything that moves)


Rust aka nuke town lol