The biggest minge thing you've done in a RP server?

Well, mine was I had 50 health left, (I didn’t know this would happen btw) and I jumped of trying to hit someones head, missed, hit the floor, dead.
What about you guys?

Set off a nuke an admin had carelessly spawned.
Turns out, it was bugged and the radiation never stopped.

I never really minged much - I once had a money printer that caught fire so I threw it at a guy and killed him.

I do not minge, im not a 8 year old.

I was on Friendly Players roleplay server and I was bored, so I decided to use the lockpick to open the elevator shaft’s doors and jumped on top of the elevator. Then this guy got in and pressed the button tp get the elevator up so I froze a prop just above myself and ended up causing the eevator to freeze and the guy was trapped inside until he suicided. Later on I managed to get underneath the elevator and caused a guy to fall through the floor and die due to a physics glitch.


Note I’ve never done anything like this again.

Joined. I was so appalled by the whole experience I beat my hand into mince with a crowbar.

probably rdm

i was hitman and wanted to sniperz somebody so i dropped 100$ and picked it up so it wasnt rdm and i wnt to the top of a building and sniperd a noob and got kicked reason: learn the rules and come back



Yay, DarkRPers.
Worst thing I’ve ever done was probably taking over multiple servers.

Dude, if you don’t like it then seriously just fuck off. I don’t see why when were all sharing shit, you need to fucking come in and be a total douche.

You know, that might have been me you’ve trapped. I laughed.

Not saying I don’t like DarkRP, its just the people who play the gamemode like you guys do that give it a bad name.

I shot a guy who pissed me off

This, but also since someone RDM’d me and ULX was broken for some reason.


Also I take props and block people in their stores.

Drop 10 dollars, say “Who wants 3,000 dollars?” and chuck it in the sewer.

So I was a cop, and I accidentally killed a gun dealer that I thought shot me, but didn’t, so I killed everyone (almost everyone) out of pure boredom and I was ready to leave, anyways.
I didn’t get kicked, surprisingly!

I’ve done everything possibly minge like, you could think of in a RP server.
And, I’ve some shit that people really what the fuck about.

Punchwhored the admin, called him a bitch, jumped in a tornado and disconected, best thing, im not banned :stuck_out_tongue:

Good old perp.

i set up huge gates throughout the city and whoever wanted to pass must prove their innocence

Oh lol.

I joined a serious roleplay server, myself being a former serious roleplayer and made a legit old man. The thing about the old guy was that under details I put as many hints that the guy was ‘senile’ under it. So I joined a few friends and had legitimate conversations with the combine police. I kept calling them ‘constable’ and they didn’t know how to react. I had the human portion of the server head into the movie theatre of the city18 map. I also got to minge around with an afk guy who was staring as a building, “That sure is a nice building…” “/me drools a little.” “What was I doing?” “/me skips into the movie theatre with an errect penis”/