The Biggest Noobs Alive [GMOD SHOW]

so lately me and a couple of guys have been working on a Machinima called [the biggest noobs alive] Currently its me as lead producer, guineaforce as lead editor. we also have some more guys that do some acting, me and guineaforce will be doing some acting as well. The Biggest noobs alive is Gmod Sketch comedy a lot like The Idiots of GMOD and The Whitest kids You Know combined. those who know what whitest kids you know is we highly recommend you watch our show. trailer will be soon released along with a “sneak peak”
toon in on are Steam group —

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Movies section.

I’m getting a bit tired of having to tell it so much.

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it was just in the movies section, they told me to move it here

So the movie section guys are telling you to go to us?
Its a trap!
Weird, but I would say this should be movies section.

What was the point of this thread if you have nothing to show? At least release the damn trailer before you make a thread. And why would you join a group for a movie, let alone one that isn’t released yet? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

I feel story development should come first, instead of humor.
Please keep it in mind when you make this.

Its easy to be the biggest noob alive

Just say


or just act like a retard and refuse to learn anything that people tell you, anyway to be on topic.

Yeah have a story to it, not just random explosions & dinosaurs that shoot lazers.

(and little kids that have the highest pitched voice ever that just say ‘IM SO PWNFUL!11’)

its sketch comedy we have many sketches at mind

I appreciate a good sketch comedy series.

Lookin’ forward to it!

I smell another horrible “Idiots of Garrysmod” clone in the works. Prove me wrong.

Its not idoits of garrysmod… watch whitest kids alive on youtube, that what inspired us

I feel you guys should make a serious movie, and stop trying to exploit the low IQ of the majority of the community.
What im saying is, stop using humor as a way to get views because the majority of viewers are immature 13 year old, or 17 year old who have no sense of humor.
If we want to fix the community maturity, we need to have serious movies and series.
I call this “The Family Guy Effect”

Stop blaming ‘Family Guy’. It’s not random most of the time, the flashbacks or what ever you want to call them are related to the plot or are making harsh but true statements about the law, celebritys or films ect.

I agree with Darius. Family Guy, although immature, does not deserve to be called out upon simply because although some of the jokes are irrelevant and immature, are almost always clever and executed beautifully.

I see where your going, but south park executes this better, family guy takes it off the main plot.
Series like south park keep them in.
I made a big thread about ideas, and other subjects so if you want to discuss this further take it in the other.


I feel your editor could do better.
Just be careful.

he can do better, i should say his best edited video “he posted”