the biggest problem i see in rust.

At the moment i am a solo player, and it is extremely rough…now I know that this game is suppose to be some what hard. but the fact is you are forced to rebuild your base every 1-2 days. This is due to how easy it is to get on top of someones roof and just start top down to bottom. Now if they set the stairs up you are basically forced to rebuild as they will just satchel any door you put on them, get back to the top and do the same exact thing. And don’t act like this does not happen every 1-2 days if you build far away, I don’t even play on high pop servers, maybe 10-15 people on at a time, yet no matter were i build it is ruined within the week.

PS: dont even get me started on how much this game favors grouping and senority…

ofcourse there will be strenght in numbers when it is a survival game, if the game would not reward you for teaming up i really dont see a point in the game at all.

When we will be able to play with the new update, there will be some spikes looks like tank trap kit in DayZ a bit bigger in wood as anti-grief with it, normally nobody will be able to put some stairs around your house to go on the roof.

Dude. The fact that they can even build into your house… how long have you been playing? I know it’s hard, but there are counters to everything. Keep playing, look around at other player houses, try out things. I’ve been playing for 2 weeks and I’m on top of the game. Just keep your head up man, part of the game is restarting everything. Within a day I hit end game. There will be wipes, ect… but just keep going at it.

No base is safe, there isn’t a base out there that’s 100% raid proof. All you can do is discourage somebody. And doing that they usually just grief you when they can’t get very far.

In fact survival alone is hard.Rust has many realistic aspects.
I am an solo player too and started on an small Server to test all.I build 5x5 houses about 10 up and i build small 1x1 houses in the forest.

So sure,it is better to play in team.But its not impossible to stay alive solo.
When i play solo,i wouldnt build a big house which everyone can see about miles.Its a huge map,so looking for a place far away from the road.
Yes,you have to walk a while.But the most raiders looking near to the read.Thats my Experience.

And the decayed is realistic to.Also the reason for that is this:
Lets take an populary Server with 100 Players.Everyone build an huge house.So later the half of it wont play their anymore.
Then their are many empty houses.Sure,other Player can raid and use this for theirself.But i think its better if the decayed after a while.

Maybe a higher decay time would nice,sure.But in fact i like it.So you have everytime something to do

Every 1-2 days?? Are you even making doors/ceilings?? I’ve made extremely simple bases that last longer than that.

If you Play on a 10 guy Server - yes. Im a raider and its true that if you are alone, your base is raided in 1-2 days

I play on a 15+ populated server only. Just gotta know where to build.