The biggest problem i've ever had with Gmod (PLEASE READ)

A few days ago, I decided to go download some new shit for Garry’s Mod. After it was finished downloading, I decided to work on a new Christmas-themed Gmod video, titled “Santa Soldier Crashes the Christmas Concert”, which was about a Soldier dressed up as Santa planning to steal Christmas from a band formed by Hatsune Miku and a few members of the BLU team. However, the game crashed while I was working on it, and I noticed something very strange.

Almost all the pictures I had taken near the point where it crashed… weren’t in the screenshots folder where they should be. And it didn’t even save my game when I saved it. So I decided to scrap the whole thing, not having the patience to start over. After that, Gmod started acting strange. The stuff I downloaded, as mentioned above, kept deleting itself and re-downloading itself. All of the spawnlists(i.e. Construction Props, Comic Props, Team Fortress 2, etc.) above the Browse tab had disappeared. Alot of my maps(excluding the game-specific ones and the pre-installed ones) had all of their textures replaced with black and purple checkerboard patterns, like they were missing. None of the icons were loading. It wouldn’t open up Workshop or the web browser at all. And it still wasn’t saving my games or pictures.

And so I decided to re-install Gmod, hopefully ending this unacceptable nonsense once and for all. But that didn’t do shit. It STILL kept doing these things.

I doubt anyone has a solution to this, but if you do, please tell me. I will give you all my respect for a year. Thanks.

It’s the ghost of Garry’s Mod 12.

I had somewhat of a similar issue when reinstalling my game, probably some sort of conflict with things you have downloaded in the workshop. I would start there by deleting everything and reinstalling your game, get a true vanilla install of gmod, and go from there.

Okay, i’ll give that a try and tell you what happens. Thanks(if it works).

Yay it works now :smiley: thanks Silvertoe.