The Bird, the Zombies, and the Cars

This movie is a sequel to my film “The Bird and the Zombies”, hope you enjoy. If you like it, tell your friends!

Serves the zombies right.

Haha, oh wow. That was pretty damn awesome, that bird is a total bro.

“Fuck you guys, I’m walking.”

The vehicle angles were a bit off though, they looked somewhat strange. Also, the sound effects in the beginning sounded cut off due to background noise from the recording source ending abruptly. Still, pretty damn good editing skills you’ve got there.

Glad you enjoyed it. I have somewhat messy organizational skills, so I was bound to make some imperfections with the audio cutting. Also, yes, the zombies had it coming.

awesome !!! great job 10/10 or 20/20

That was nice. Was this simply for entertainment value or was there more to this?

This is kinda artitic,funny and cute at the same time.
Rated heart.

People have told me this reminded them of those little animated shorts that play before the beginning of a Pixar film, so it was probably more like that than anything else. It was made to be a charming little short, at least that’s how I intended it be.

that was awesome. Pixar-esk even!

That was cool, almost everything fits in there perfectly

This is so awesome I can’t describe it otherwise :eek:

This is epic! Love it.

Glad you guys enjoyed it!


Loved it.

I’m bumping this.

Well done. Pretty fancy cam angles you have there. Gave me a good laugh.

Damn, that’s lookin’ good.

It diserves it

I remember watching the original movie. It was amazing. And I remember “Strangers of the Reach”. You’re a very good film maker.