The birth of a Facepuncher [oh gross, it's interactive]



enter perskins thread and demand to be unique

Wait, what.

I’m confused.

In a shameless attempt to defend your piece of art, you flamed a goldmember, obviously a respected guy around, better react quick if you don’t want the mods to ban you.

Find a Don’t Fap December event gathering (no not a circlejerk event pfft), bring Rochelle.

-snip- the insult to the goldmembah .

Enter this thread.


Find Bubz and seek his wisdom.

make a thread about it

follow these 3 simple steps

and nice gold member elitism

Oh I see,

Logout of FP and create an alt, quick before the mods ban you!

Is this supposed to be clever or witty because I ain’t seein it…

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as if being a gold member means anything anymore

I don’t get your point, what’s supposed to be clever or witty?

Try to imagine yourself in a newcomer’s outfit, who never ever has been on FP before, Gold Members look important.


try to imagine yourself in a position where join dates and different colors mean anything

notice that you’re playing tf2

dont insult him hes a gold member that joined a year after you :twisted:

Well it doesn’t matter anyway, here, in this comic, the newcomer thinks the gold member is important.
And you can rate me dumb with as many alts/mindless friends as you want, it won’t change anything. :cop:

sounds like a bad excuse for a plothole to me

caring about ratings lol