The bitter end of a muderer

meh, random Idea I had. I guess this is kinda a comic?

close up

(without blood splatter)

(with blood splatter)

and the cliff hanger.

Well… tell me what you think and stuff I need to improve on. also… it would be cool if someone could edit some blood effects to when hes getting shot (thats why I had two pics)

Thanks for looking

Wouldn’t this be a comic?

Anyway it looks nice an all.

well it doesn’t really have a plot or climax so meh.

Really good, the posing is greatly done, and the story is clear.

Could have done your own blood. The ‘cliffhanger’ thing is just stupid. Faceposing when he’s turning toward them is kinda silly or exaggerated.

well I was going to have him get up and shoot the two CT’s and walk off and bleed out… but I said fuck it too much work. The face posing when he is turning around is because he is mentally insane. I also blow ass at photo editing.

Using DoF helps in your screenshots at certain parts… to access it just go to the post-processing.

But overall those were nice pictures

Lol @ the 5th frame facepose.

As for the end: dun Dun DAAAAA!!!

Who ever said mentally insane people made super exaggerated facial expressions?

More likely, they’ll be blank.

Then if he made his facial expression blank, someone would bitch about lack of faceposer.

He could have at least made it look less ‘hurr durr everyone with mental problems has the inability to control their facial expressions.’

Would have looked better with a simple smirk.

Ok… hes angry, he does not want to be taken in, he wants the cops dead to.

Why did I lol?

Doesn’t look angry.

Looks constipated.

I like it, but the blood is just


Those SWAT guys suck. Double tap to the back of the head would have been the real way to do it, not half a mag in his chest.

They aren’t SWAT, and why do you think they used a half a magazine?

Then who the heck are they? Armed police don’t wear gear like that.

Who says they are police? The model is SEAL Team 6.

So you said “oh they’re not SWAT so that explains why they fired loads of rounds like poorly trained simpletons”… and then you add to that by saying that they are one of the most highly trained fighting units in the modern word? The Navy Seals? That just doesn’t make sense.