The Black Scout + Bonus

“You don’t want to mess with me, do ya? Look what I did to this guy! Look at his head!”

What I was originally going for.


Spy’s New mask


Atleast it’s better than Deathbucket’s pictures.


so you painted the textures black?

No. If you haven’t noticed, the TF2 models are glitched.

There is a patch now, though, on the Gmod site.

Pretty easy to recreate the glitch for comic purposes, though, just use the color tool on them and change them to black.

EDIT: LOL, just got an idea. Is there a material available to turn something into the infamous black-and-purple checkerboard?

Can I have a link to it?

Always look for it yourself first before asking, dude.

(sigh) Fortunetley I’m in a good mood. Here it is.


Holy fuck that first one is freaky. Would NOT want to run into that when you’re all alone. But he shouldn’t be saying anything, the quote just makes him seem like a retarded bronx kid wearing blackface or something.

Maybe it could be the 10th class?