The Blinding Effect of Death shines upon you

I was experimenting with 69105’s ways, or well… Partially, adding my own little colouring stuff.

First pic was rather a test of things.

Second pic is a little blinding, tis why I shrunk it down heh.

Of course they’re not as good as his, but it’s somewhat of a nice effect.




Take an arty. I like the second.


Thanks to both of you for the comments :slight_smile:

So beautiful, lovely lighting.


Thanks both :slight_smile:

2nd looks nice, except for the muzzle

Posing looks weird on the metrocop

Mmm, didn’t help my situation when the map has HDR, made the muzzleflash really bright.

I’d be awkwardly posed too trying to balance on what he walking on.

Bump dis shit.


It is neato isn’t it.

Looks good.
Also that is a fucking awesome avatar. I’ve only seen 1 episode and it was that 1.

I love Doctor Who :slight_smile:

I re-arranged the pictures, hoping to gain a little more attention.