The Blob npc

Would it be possible to have some sort of Blob npc? Nothing fancy, just the more props and npcs and players it covers, the larger it gets.

This is pretty simple. If I have time I do it for you!

Should it just be a ball which get fatter and fatter?
Should it bounce?

Maybe something like this? :open_mouth:

I want to see this done :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe like the normal blob. Not exactly a ball, but it squishes if you stand on it, or drop it onto the ground.

Did anyone ever actually see ‘The Blob’ (1988 version)? Something like that would be cool. Big, gelatinous blob and whenever it snags/absorbs/whatever a prop or npc it dissolves it and gets a little bigger.

I did.

I dont exactly like those movies, it kinda scared me when the old man dissolved at the start, and when the kids arm came off.

That’s nothing, remember the part where the little kid pops out in the sewer and he’s like half dissolved? That scared the fuck out of me when I first saw that movie.

There’s sort of two ways you could approach the idea of a blob npc I think… you could do like an amoeba or you could do like one of those gelitin cubes (or whatever you’d call one of these things

Would it even be possible to get an “accurate” blob? Like one that can change shape depending on what its rolling over? Or would it have to be the same size and shape all the time.

I suppose some filter could apply to the prop while it’s being “absorbed”

It’s possible to scale the entity model if it is on ground, if it falls, if it eats something. That’s pretty simple.
Up to monday I don’t have much time, so I start coding on monday.

But one question:
Could someone give me a ball-model which is high-poly? If I multiply the scale of the hoverball model, it looks after a while like the HL2 HeliBomb model, and that sux!
So please search and send me a model.


Well, the “npc_surface” was something like it, if I remember correctly…

“…the surface was created with a bunch of env_cubemap spheres, cleverly meshed together…”

It was something like that…it’s a way it could be made, i think.

Can only be used if you have the leaked TF2 particles, apparently.

I got a lot of trouble this week, I didn’t do anything.
I want to ask you something: How should the blob move towards something, should it be a quarder, a ball or what? Exlpain how the blob should look like and what it has to do. Would be pretty useful :smiley:

Ever seen the Weighted Companion cube that follows you around?

You could do something like that, except it follows you regardless of you looking at it.