The Bloodless Guide to Rust

Lessons from the field

Spent a few days working on this guide for Rust. More a collection of tips and tricks than a full on, ‘what’s the mouse do?’ guide, it should give most players the edge they’re looking for to up their survival chances. There are a few spelling mistakes, but far less than I thought there’d be, what with making this late at night and into the morning. Hopefully Google drive lets you view the pdf.
Let us know what you think :slight_smile: maybe its bad, but I doubt that
[Seems that Google drive lowered the quality, hence the strangely coloured, but still easily viewable images!]

Version 1.1

-Accurate to 14th March 2014 Alpha Steam release

  • Improved spelling
  • A few extra tips

Version 1.0

A very nice guide, if I do say so myself.

I just have a few remarks.
Firstly, telling people to learn the map is probably counter-intuitive right now, as they will probably have to forget it soon (pending the official release of the experimental branch). Also, a syntactical error in the nomad’s disadvantages: “Difficult to be a large group of Nomads, too much noise and* too easy to difficult *to have enough resources.”

Also, these two cracked me up :3
“The starting tool is also called a rock, but to be honest, it’s clearly Adamantium, seeing as it never breaks.”
“If someone runs towards you with a shotgun, run the other way. People with shotguns have a habit of being pathological killers.”

(regarding the last one, I run the other way if someone runs towards me with a *rock *-_-)

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