The Bloody Aces ( Gmod Machinima )

After 2 months of working on and slacking off… It’s time to release.
… and probably the last movie, who knows?

Pure and absolute chaos. I love it.

How did you get the bodies to fall like that, and also, which addon lowers your weapon?

For the bodies: Sleep’n wake tool + turrets tool ( need to be precisely for the turret’s force, not to much or not to low )

  • some bloods emitters on the back of ragdolls for Tarantino shootout style :smiley:

and for the addon: Firearms source weapons in Gmod 13. It can be lowered.

Oh wow. I laughed so hard I had tears come out of my eyes.

By the way, where do you get gmod 13? Is that the old version?

The beginning reminds me about Inglorious Bastards

Wait… Isn’t the current version is 13 ?? Or did I miss something?

Ah, so you used the current one. How do you make videos with garrys mod anyways? Is it just “record” in console?

I prefer Fraps for recording.

Haha really nice i love it.