The BlowTorch SWEP

**New Update! Custom Model, Bug Fixes, new video demo coming soon !
The SWEP now fades the prop instead of removing it! I know you guys were looking for that feature in particular . Also, the blowtorch now is limited to how many props it can blowtorch before running out of gas. The only way to get gas, is by buying more blowtorches and refilling the ammo. Default Clipsize is 10, each use, uses up 1 ammo!

New Demo Below! **

Hi Guys! My name is TheForces, I am new garry’s mod scripter, I have recently started taking on projects for garry’s mod and have made a Blowtorch SWEP.

The SWEP is basically a gun that is meant to be used on a Custom DarkRP or RP server, it is cool new way to refresh the DarkRP experience, it is meant to be used in raids, what it does is, you can use it on a prop to blowtorch it and remove it! It can be customized to work with usergroups, the SWEP is easily customizable, looks very professional, and can easily be made personalized for your server!

I can license the SWEP to any server devs interested, Give me a steam message on my account “[FG-D] TheForces”.

I look forward to your guys’ opinion on this SWEP.

Video Demo:

EDIT: Also, I did get this idea from many sources, not BaseWars (I don’t play that), Modified DarkRP was one, but since that SWEP is not for the public, I decided to take it on and release it to the public so people can use it wherever they like. You guys are critical lol

This is cool but truly isn’t fit for DarkRP… I think it should stay in Basewars… I am guessing that’s where you got it from too… -.-’

Looks like a great way to destroy someone’s building work.

I understand why you guys might question this, but there are many precautions I have taken into account, the time adjustment, also, I’m thinking of adding a prop limit so you can only destroy so much in 5 mins.

The tool is clearly not meant for grieving and the server can take in many accounts to not allow the tool to be abused.

I actually did not steal this idea from anyone, I had a friend who requested such a tool, seeing it had potential I started working on it

First thing I thought of was Modified Gaming

By “offer”, do you mean you are trying to sell this?

No offense, but this literally is not worth any amount of money.

Why don’t you just make it fade the prop for like a minute or something, a lot better than just destroying someones creations in my opinion.

That’s a little critical, but okay, that’s just your opinion.

And what?

And this.

#ForgetWhatIHadSaid >.<

Just did!

No offence, but that made no sense. Also, TheForces doesnt run our server.

I’m just going to add my 2 cents. This is an easy swep to make and it would really help to get a custom model, I’m sure there’s a suitable one somewhere.

This would be easy to recreate and is in no way worth $5. My opinion is to either keep it to yourself or release it, you don’t sell.

The addon is no longer for sale on coder hire. They probably took it down or it got removed.

The ad on CoderHire was removed because of a separate issue, you can still contact me via Steam

Wow, this BlowTorch SWEP is really cool and new and has really refreshed my DarkRP experience! I have no regrets!

For the people that pay for this, dont bother paying for it, both of them are very rude individuals the owner and the developer.

? Why do you think so? I have never talked to you, and there is no owner. Fresh Gaming has nothing to do with this.