The Blu spy

hello FP and garry’s mod members I thought for a first post I’d post some poses a did a few days ago involving a Blu spy. it simply started out as a picture i called “engy on patrol” but it evovled into a small series of pictures documenting a lone Blu spy devastating the entirety of Red team but with a twist at the end, anyways here are the pictures C&C if you’d like and feel free to edit them

Engy on patrol (original picture)

You got blood on my suit

Pyro’s failure

The rest of red team


Ya missed one frenchy

its over

as a bonus the same day i did those i made one last one called “the Warning from Blu team”, a sort of grisly warning is left by the Blu team that two pyros come across:

oh and hello to my friends on here Lite :3, who I play TF2 with and Corrupt anubis who thought up “sander cohen’s bunny puff cereal”

The ideas aren’t bad. Work on the poses and improve the quality.

Raise your graphics and work on your posing bro.

i’ve raised it the best i can do without having to wait 5 minutes to take screens and in some takes the spy’s eyes wouldn’t look where i needed them to go, instead they go into the back of his head and ruin the picture even more.

as for his expression when stabbed i tried my best for a pain expression, but looking at it now he looks like an autistic child :\

will work on my posing, but i dare not raise my graphics, last time i did Gmod took a shit and crashed on me :expressionless:

as for improving how so? im noticing slowly the flaws i made, but i’d like people to point them out, i’m just seeing now the scout’s poster is abit stiff and crooked

The spy jizzed when the Scout stabs him lol and I dont know what the spy is doing in the second picture.

yeah i noticed the spy’s expression looks “meh” when he gets stabbed as for the second picture i tried to copy the taunt the spy does when he straightens his tie and whatnot, but seeing as how the tie is part of the suit’s bitmap best i could do was that, albiet its meh as well

just noticed the dumb ratings :expressionless: oh well

it…looks…pretty bad…definitely raise your graphics, definitely work on your posing

Turn your graphics up to the highest settings and just practice alot on posing. Look at what your posing and see if it looks natural.

dont care for the ratings. just listen to the comments.

already said i will not turn up graphics as it takes forever for the settings to apply and sometimes it would crash

Then it’s time to buy a new graphic card. If you can afford any

this is a brand new computer i purchased, its only 3 months old and garrys mod in itself is a resource hog :expressionless:

i’ll work on the posing, just please honestly expect “lol high end graphics” if theres one thing i never liked about PC gamers in general is that most of them have the “just buy a new <insert part>” :expressionless:

i’ll work on the posing but it will take some time seeing as how im not getting specifics on HOW to improve the posing, only just complaints about my graphics card

oh really ? sent a message to Gabe Newel. He will read it for sure and it’s his responsibility to contact Garry and tell him to fix it. I will send you message you to make you improve your posing, or go online with you if everything fails

fail troll is fail

If your comp is slow work in low quality, but before the screen shoot, max the graphics.


most constructive crit i’ve heard thank you

and as for that “letter” you sent i’d like to see the copy that was saved to your “sent” folder

Ah the old “My computer’s great, blame Gmod” argument.

Dude, I was able to run Gmod at max graphics on a 600 dollar pre built eMachines computer from Costco.

If your computer can’t run it above the lowest graphics settings, then guess what…

It’s shit.

see your inbox right nao

Wait…did the engineer have a Railway Rifle?

You obviously know to work on your poses. Remember center of gravity and whatnot.

You’ve got the ideas down, but the composition is quite lacking.