The Blue Heavy discovers fire

not funny sorry

What Max said.

it’s got potential for sure, but the pacing’s way off man.

it was good till the end after he exploded. 4.5/5

Not terrible quality, but it’s not fantastic overall.

Constructive criticism plox. Explain flaws and what should be done next time.

Okay, that whole bit with the camera focusing on the burning sandvich and the heavy’s face should be sped up but only a bit, maybe mute the burning clip and put in some burning sound instead that way the cutting back and forth isn’t so disorientating.

Oh and make the heavy’s hand jerk back a bit quicker, like he gets close to the flame and immediately jerks back, we all know the heavy isn’t THAT dumb.

and may I ask what was up with the ending part?

Like I said before this video has got potential, it just lacks polish