The blue team escaping with the intel.

Edit and pose by me, i forgot to use filters (silly me). C&C please.

Listen this shit!!!

I see no picture?

Wait for the page to load i see it.

spy and heavy poses are bad and stop with thread music…

I like the image, especially soldier getting owned.

Rated art.

I agree, except with music.

If the music is a problem, don’t click the link:)

Here’s what’s wrong with it;
Bad blood
Smoke is too heavy
Ridiculous faceposing on the heavy

In overall 3/5

Soldier has a nasty nosebleed.

The posing is excellent, the editing however is not.

And the Heavy’s faceposing isn’t that ridiculous.

now where do you get the TF2blood? The posing is OK, but it took me a while to realize the spy had the intel

Posing on spy’s legs is terrible thats all I can see wrong with it.
I loled at the soldier, HIGH PRESSURE NOSEBLEED GO BANG!

Heavy and Soldier are both posed well, although the muzzleflash isn’t that great.