The BLUE team have finally had enough with the RED sniper and are... 'dealing' with him

Quick picture, quick edit. Quickidyboo!



well,it’s gonna hurt,but not for long

can we see an aftermath?

Dat Pyro Looks Clippen


i spy with my lil’ eye a WHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIR

“What do you mean ‘i am next’?..”

That’s just how he rolls.

but what if they stop the sawblade right after its touching his little sniper-rifle? :open_mouth:

Hes fucked :smug:

This isn’t going to end well. :v:

No. No it is not.

Are you kidding?

This is going to end great!

They are getting him ready for a butt waxing.

Cookie for you if you remember where that is from.