The BLUs in their shooting range

nice. +1 artistic.

The soldier looks like he has cum on his face. Perhaps fixing up the smoke a tad.

“You fight like a woman!”

Good job, nice editing. I think the engie and his shotgun should have more glow from the muzzleflash though.

yeah I forgot to make a lightbulb near the muzzle

looks like he stood there facing ahead, picked up the shotgun, rotated ONLY his upper body, and fired.

skipped gunposing 101 did we? :eng99:

Go on and head out. We’re ready, Soldier.

The stock of the rifle seems to be going under his arm a little, rather than being in his shoulder.

tell you what…try and do a good gun pose with the Frontier Justice
the stock is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too long,it’s really hard to position it without having to stretch the arms in a unrealistic way

The soldier <3

Yeah I tried making a pose with it, I gave up after 20 minutes.


5 minutes max, nothing really unexpected or different about posing this gun :confused:

Download the newest flexible tf2 characters, they have shoulders.

Also the stock seems to be clipping into his shoulder.

oh boo fuckin hoo

honestly, just get out. complaints like this are the pettiest, most inconsistent and stupid ones out there. go play your idiot games again and tell me if there isn’t clipping during animation cycles of wait yeah there is

go play css in super slow mo and watch reload animations and tell me there’s no clipping, or go pose a picture with a big weapon and make it so there’s no clipping at all that doesn’t make the character look like a dumbass for holding it even the slightest bit wrongly

seriously it’s impossible so just go away. leave. you obviously don’t know anything. go back to grade school where you belong.

hey slithersoul, want some neosporin with that burn?


69105, please, for the love of god, stop taking everything as an insult.
He was only suggesting the new TF2 phys pack because it would make his poses even better than they are now.

he suggested the phys pack but that has nothing to do with his comment afterwords.

He was pointing out an error, you can’t sugar coat everything.

Yes, it’s nice, but if you don’t point out errors you can’t progress.

you can’t make progress when meaningless errors that can’t be fixed are indicated


besides this is rms13 – he can pose better than any of you.

That’s why he showed us the PHYS pack. Because you can fix that error with it.