The body moves and you can't loot.

My biggest complaint with the current version of Rust is always going to be that if i kill a guy that was sniping me from ontop of a rock, or ANY warfare going on on the sphere or the silos in savas, his body will slide more then a foot, and all of a sudden he becomes unlootable, This is easily on top of my list of things i want the devs to fix.

I’ve encountered this as well, and have a risky solution. The problem is that the player’s dead body spawns and is lootable at the point of death on the server side, yet the client side physics cause the body to slide and tumble. Disconnecting from the server and then reconnecting will spawn the body in it’s server recorded location and make it lootable again.

This is a bug that really pisses me off and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Yes ima join the club. This has been around for at least 3 months now not only on savas island. There aren’t many possibilities to lose loot from bugs in rust anymore but this is one. especially at the sphere, if you fall down inside and die, your body will spawn outside and unlootable.