The Bolt Action Rifle has terrible sway!

Its so hard to aim the gun in a proper way. Even with a holo sight. Also no actual scope it a rifle for christ sake we need a scope.

maybe i am wrong,but a scope wouldnt reduce the sway.
The sway is just added for testing.So after all they could think about adding an option to hold your breath to reduce the sway.Just for a short time

There is a reason they added sway. This gun would be too op without it. But with the sway its quite balanced, we can all agree it needs improvemnts tho

Haven’t had a chance to test the new rifle yet, but I like this idea.

Indeed, there must be a scope, otherwise it would be too unfair. Not only is the gun super rare, but it doesn’t offer much of an advantage against M4s. The gun needs some leverage!

The Gun has an higher range and higher dmg and you want some leverage?
In my Oppinion its good as it is

guess what? you have absolutely no sway while adjusting your aim. if you can’t constantly move your mouse and still line up the shot at the same time, you don’t deserve to hit your enemy at the 240(?) range that the rifle allows.

You’re assuming M4s in their current implementation will be left as they are, which is perhaps a mistake. Notice the development trend away from easily-accessible modern weaponry–they’re already about to replace the 9mm with a ‘junk’ revolver. Also, I suspect the bolt-action will be less rare in the future.

I hate weapon sway as a mechanic.

In a game as laggy and unexpected as rust, it’s tricky enough to line up a shot on the tiny spec of a distant target, having unrealistic weapon sway on top of that is nonsense.

Do you know what happens if you’re aiming through a scope while proned on a hill?
The gun doesn’t move.
DO you know what happens if you’re not proned, you’re just holding the gun?
The gun BARELY moves.
Do you know what happens if you sprint for 20 minutes with a 20kg pack, not including your gun, grind to a halt, heart racing, pull out your gun and aim through the sights?
The gun wobbles slightly.

That’s real life.

Weapon sway isn’t real life, and yet it’s added in the name of realism.
It’s a dumb mechanic.
Spread is annoying, but at least it makes sense.
Bullet drop due to gravity, the Coriolis effect, both make more sense than friggin weapon sway.

It’s not added in the name of realism, it’s added in the name of balance.

the TLDR version of your post is “wahhh it’s a little bit difficult to kill an enemy from 200 yards away, long before they have a chance to see me and react, i don’t want to ever have to put myself in danger while fighting others in a pvp game, wahhh!”

You have obviously never shot a gun before.

If you’d try to aim at someone from a very far distance, that is also moving, without a scope, it’s quite obvious it’d sway.
Also, sway is reliable on wether you’re an experienced shooter or not, or if you have any condition making your hands shaky.

m4 still out shoots the rifle in my eyes, automatic with a 2 head shot and 1 if there naked some times. Like he says the bolt has way to much sway and people move fast in this game to hit that head shot with that much sway.

I don’t know how spread makes sense. If I’m pointing at you, I expect the bullets to hit you (Or fly really close by) and not shoot up into the sun like they do right now. Who knows, maybe the barrel of my M4 is curved in a Zig-zag and the bullets go where they want.

2 and a half years in military training, I’ve probably fired more guns than you can name on more separate occasions than you’ve had periods.
Don’t make dumb assumptions based on inaccurate knowledge.
Anyone with half a brain who doesn’t have Alzheimer’s can hold a weapon, even a heavy one, steady.

This may be true, but people never justify it as such, and there are better ways to balance than to annoyingly zoom your scope around.
TF2 does it with charged shots and long reload times
Some games use bullet projectile speed so you have to lead your shot
others add other effects, I’ve seen games with wind, even.

Sway is a lazy cop out if it’s been added for balance reasons.

If you’re walking in a straight line in the middle of a field without seeking cover, night time or any other way of staying alive, you deserve to die.
Just like shotgun’s deserve a kill if they can sneak up behind you in point blank range, a sniper deserves a kill on a sitting duck.
As it stands, even at long range, the M4’s greater fire rate and similar accuracy make it almost as effective as a sniping weapon, it’s only hindered by it’s bullet range.