The Bomb Is Just On The Other Side Of This Door. (Alien Swarm Pose)

I found these models and wanted to make a pose with them so I did.
The glowing thing in the middle is suppose to be a flare,I used antlions and headcrabs for the infestation(had to improvise).


Black and white:


wow that medic is an ass, just watching his team mate get pulled into a vent


i like the camera effect


funny, my avatar has a parasite hat on

Yeah, :v: Happened to me were everyone was being killed and the medic stood there with his med packs…then the infestation got him. :smile:

yeah, i hate those buggers, but they make a good hat

:v: My heavy in TF2 is wearing one. :v:

:v:all of my classes in tf2 are wearing one:v:

:v: None of my classes in TF2 are wearing one. :v:

The medic is about to wear the fake one(green headcrab) as a hat.

:v: No one really cares about ur stupid hats :v:
Picture is pretty nice.

i spy with my little eye a antlion in that vent. a recolored headcrab. but all is good.

ps fucking medic.

The camera angle is horrible.