The Boogeyman: A Slender-like Competitive Multiplayer Gamemode

Welcome to The Boogeyman, a competitive multiplayer gamemode. The point of it is one person is the boogeyman, and the other players are humans. The goal of the humans is to keep the boogeyman away from them using a flashlight and surviving until 6 AM, and the goal of the boogeyman is to kill the humans before it hits 6 AM.

The concept of the mode is humans are children being hunted by the boogeyman. These children only have a flashlight and they have to defend themselves with it. The boogeyman’s goal is to kill the children, but since it hates light, the light will keep him away. Once time hits 6 AM, the humans win the round, but if the boogeyman kills the humans, he wins.


  • OP Boogeyman: The boogeyman is given a laser that it can fire out of its hands.

  • Invisible Boogeyman: It basically makes the boogeyman invisible.

  • Boogey PropHunt: This alters the game so that the boogeyman can disguise as any props on the map, making it harder to find him.

  • Cat and Mouse: The humans don’t have flashlights and they can’t get the boogeyman away from them, however they must survive until 6 AM.

  • 2x Boogeymen: An extra boogeyman is added.


  • Title and Text Designer: William0918 (me)

  • Graphics Designer: NEEDED

  • Lua Coder: NEEDED

  • Modeler: NEEDED

Even your title design was poor, how on earth will people trust the ideas guy

Dam here i thought this was a release… turns out its a “please code it for me” thread.

So… You have an idea, no team and you want everyone to write your game mode for you. :v:

Guys, even if its thread is not what you hoped it’s still good to have someone that can give you ideas because as a Lua coder the hardest thing to do is not about the code but the ideas.

I’m pretty sure the hard part is the coding.
Everyone has ideas.

Hey William, maybe it’s a good moment to learn coding! :smiley:
Are you interested in programming btw?

The gamemode it’s actually quite an interesting idea.

Sounds interesting. Add me on steam.

The power rounds seem really silly, and the title design is hilarious.

Not the best of beginnings, and since we already have Slender, what’s the point of this?

This gamemode is awesome. Running it on a server now, thanks man

lets blindly follow this man with one post and an idea for a game that may or may not be the child of fnaf and slender