The Borealis: Intelligent Technology & Weapon [Scenebuild]

It’s not an epic scenebuild like I did before but at least interesting… I guess. I didn’t edit this picture, don’t have enough time for that, maybe later. C’mon everybody feel free to edit.

It seems I made a mistake in the title, not Intelligent but Sentient.

Also I was inspired by this picture:


How much of it is a scenebuild?

Looks very nice.

I expected to see an incredibly awesome arctic scenebuild…

Still, the prop placement is excellent. Nice work again.

map de_port from CS Source.

tf2 shaders on the guy on the right lol

just for fun, nothing else. An incredibly awesome scenebuild will be later.

Holy shit then! Looks amazing.

you should have put the G-Man somewhere…

she needs to be fatter

G-man ruined the picture, so I decided to put Cave Johnson.

sorry, but I think Beauty will save the world xD

Very good prop placement. Posing also good. I wish I would have patience for ragdolls too.

Totally epic scene build for de_port dude, at first didn’t realize it was de_port