The Bosnian Woods

Was just messing around. This is an old picture I made a while back. I thought the image didn’t save cause the game crashed immediately after the picture was taken apparently. In fact, I had another pose planned out that I was originally going to post but this is all I’m left.

I had a “Behind Enemy Lines” theme going on.

CC and all that stuff.

Grass is pretty ugly.

Reminds me of a move the name of which eludes me.

I :love: your Screenies.

Behind Enemy Lines, perhaps?

Shame the grass fucked it - I’ve had the Ep 2 grass do that to me on a number of occasions and it’s nigh impossible to unfuck even with hours of Photoshop work - but otherwise I like it. Hopefully someone will get around to fixing the sprites, surely it can’t be that hard?

It’s also nice to see more ‘obscure’ (they fucking shouldn’t be, you turds) conflicts getting attention. I honestly think this is the only Balkan picture I have ever seen, and I damn well want to see more. For all you screenshotters out there, consider diversifying. Here’s a handy list of various conflicts of the last century I have yet to see covered more than once or twice:

Boer War - British Empire vs. Boer colonials
WWI - you should know the combatants
Spanish, Chinese civil wars - Nationalists (fascists) and Republicans (Communists); KMT (nationalists) and Mao’s Communist forces (I forget their name)
Sino-Japanese War - yeah
The North African, Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern and China-Burma-India theatres of WWII - Britain, Australia, the British African colonies, USA, Germany, Italy
All those brushfire and colonial wars following WWII, including the Indonesian war of independence (Indonesians, Dutch), the Malayan Emergency (British- and Australian-backed government forces against Communist insurgents), the French Indochina conflict (France getting kicked the fuck out of Vietnam), etc.
The Korean War - another one you should know
The Indonesian Confrontation (Konfrontasi) - Indonesia, Australia (can’t remember if the Brits were involved; they probably were)
The Cuban Revolution
Vietnam (it’s covered every now and then but I’ve yet to see it done from either the Australian, NVA/VC, or ARVN perspectives)
The Soviet-Afghan War (seriously, Soviet Vietnam, if you kids must make Afghanistan pictures do this - I see enough of the current goings on already thanks) - just remember this was the 80s, so use the right gear, not fucking MW2 models
The Falklands (I plan on covering this thoroughly in the near future) - UK, Argentina
All those little conflicts in Central America including Grenada (plus the ongoing ones in South America)
Gulf Wars I & II, Somalia (we were there too!)
The Balkans (those of you who are cool should be old enough to remember watching NATO bomb the shit out of Belgrade nightly on TV, I sure do)
East Timor (Australian-led international force vs TNI-backed militia - yes, every fucker knows the TNI were in on it, no matter how much they deny it)

These are all excellent ideas, but half of them lack models that we could work from. For example, there aren’t any pre-World War II soldiers, Japanese soldiers haven’t been ported from WaW, and I haven’t seen anything close to approximating British and ANZAC jungle troops, although those would be epic, as their weapons have been ported at least once.

In short, it’s not that we don’t have ideas like that, it’s that we can’t make them come to fruition with our current resources.

I would LOVE to do Boer War related poses. I wrote a paper on it in my first year of college and there’s just so much you could do with it!

Here here. I know it’s not the right time period, but someone should totally port models from Napoleon Total War so we can do something new for a change.

As soon as Simkas is done with the 60s-80s era soldiers, that instantly gives us Americans for Vietnam, diggers (both Aussie and Kiwi) for everything from Malaya through Konfrontasi to Vietnam, and Argies for the Falklands. With some reskinning and possibly a few other tweaks it may well even give us Paras and Royal Marines for the Troubles and the Falklands, too.

Are there any models of 70’s Soviets?

Now here is a good subject to pose on.

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But seriously someone port Napoleon Total War models.

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And if no one ports from Shogun II when it comes out I’m going to top myself.

None worth a damn. If someone could proportionally unfuck the Spetsnaz from MW’s Pripyat mission they might suffice, but what I’d really love to see is someone make proper 70s-80s era Soviet infantry like you see in the cutscenes for WiC Soviet Assault - shit, if those cinematic models can be ported, those would be great.

Oh god, yes. Anything from Empire: Total War would be kick ass actually!

I have an urge to make a Balkan wars related scenebuild now.

Grass make me suicide

I agree with Notis, everything looks fine apart from the grass.
The lighting looks really nice, though.

There was an awesome British telemovie by Peter Kosminsky called “Warriors: L’Impossible Mission”, that was aired in France ten years ago and which depicted the UNPROFOR’s mission through Yugoslavia. The movie is dramatic and very touching for a war-based movie. Actually it’s more like a war-about movie than litterally a war movie.

Check this out:

Unfortunately (for you guys), the movie is on BUT is in French… However, it is a very nice movie that shows how cold war and death are. Too bad it isn’t as famous as it should be. Many reviews show how deep it is both philosophically and emotionally.

First part:

Great source of inspiration for Bosnian-war themed pictures, no need to say. Despite the fact the streamed movie is in French, images speak for themselves.

He’s probably hiding from Roman.

You know, I never seen any poses involving the Gaza Strip. Hell I like to see IDF & Fatah VS Hamas.

Warriors has been uploaded in English too.

Middle-eastern conflicts would be interesting too, as well as a lot of the ongoing guerilla wars in Africa, Asia, and eastern Europe… just need models.