The Boss In The Tower (My first gmod picture)

Note: Hi Guys, I just got Gmod recently and it’s one of the best game’s/mod i’ve played in a long time. Yesterday I completed my first scene.
After exporing the photos page I have been given loads of ideas for my own scenes but I’m having trouble finding any good props or levels to use so I’m asking for your help. If you ever upload a scene it would be awesome if you can add links to the addons used in the scene.

My First gmod screenshot.

I’d really love feedback for any improvements :smiley:

Addons used:

The posing is pretty good for the first picture, I’m impressed but I kinda dislike the color correction and the toy town effect on your picture.

What does the original look like?

tucked in butts AND fingerposing on your very first pose? That’s impressive. You have a lot of potential.

For a first this is very good, keep it up!

Here you go fine sir :smiley:

Really good potential here dude, but try not using toybox, if that is toybox.

The map reminds me a lot of a sequence from Infinity Blade 2.

It’s a very good first pose though.

Really impressive for first picture dude.

What’s the name of the map by the way?

Reminds me when an old guy died, another guy pulled off some Matrix type shit and a chick went out the window.

I’ve linked all the addons used, including the map