Back in May of 2010, there was a thread posted about a particular server that existed in gmod.

It was called: Bot City UNDER CONSTRUCTION

This was the original thread:

I created this thread you are currently reading because I was actually working in the server when it WAS up.
I couldn’t talk about it in that other thread because it was closed, and a friend of mine didnt want me talking about it to others… as it was a secret at the time.
My job… as well as others that worked in there… was mainly to collect resources to use for building. It was a chain of Collect<Organize<Build
The player count: it was crazy, i dont know why it was that large… as i didnt see anyone else around but me, and anyone else that was helping.

The server itself is long gone, and are all traces of its existence, and the bots that worked there.

Any questions that anyone has towards this server can be asked in this thread.

Ask Away, and I will answer to the best of my ability.

What did the bots do, exactly?

Was it a sort of scripting playground where you tried to make AI controlled RP players/sandbox builders?

I mean, just having a few bots standing around looking stupid is interesting and all, but was there any goal beyond that?

There werent exactly bots just standing around there looking idiotic, in fact, i barely saw any bots except for the companion. (hes WAS the leader of the bots) And, all though i never saw it, the second owner of the server said that there was indeed a city somewhere… i never saw it though.
All i mainly did was collect resources for the building… Yeah… collecting “resources” which were really just small squares with different textures symbolizing different minerals.

Most of the work i did there was just searching maps that had randomly set minerals in the ground, and then organizing them… It’s kind of weird to explain.

This sounds really stupid.

it kind of was.

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Which means a year ago… people were getting hyped about a mystery that wasnt very interesting. lol

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Go ahead and keep askin’ though.

Did the map on the server ever change? It seems that there’s only one “Bot City” server.
Also, what did the companion look like?

Companion was a bot, in game he was just standard HL2 models… usually the kleiner model.
And the only time the map changed was when the map was updated… as in where previous changes came into effect.

Oh, right, some sort of RP endeavor that was fueled by mystery rather than anything else. Like some sort of ARG.

Clever concept, wish you did something palpable with it.

It wasn’t RP, it wasn’t anywhere near RP. It was exactly as it sounds.
Just a virtual city for bots.

The bots were designed to be not visible on the scoreboard or on the map itself. The system was designed this way so no one could interfere with the bots. I was preparing a tour for everyone to see the bots in action, but bot city was cancelled shortly later due to complications.

oh man i remember that thread

it was all a hoax, at least thats what everyone made it seem to be like

Sounds like a GMod movie type thing, like WOTS. Just a fantasy type thing. It sounds like kind of an experimental thing, and if they were able to get something like that to work, I wonder what the developers are doing now. And how was the leader bot able to give commands artificially? That just sound too out there.

It’s Skynet, they’re onto us. :tinfoil:

Everyone in that thread took it way to far, lol
Its not a hoax.

Meet Companion, the leader of an army of bots with a highly advanced artificial intelligence that has never before been achieved, advanced to the stage where he can act exactly like a human and give commands and talk with people over steam chats. Oh, and for some reason the programmer of said superbot decided to keep it a secret rather than making millions on his amazing endeavor to make a bot acting like a human, and use it inside of a Half-Life 2 construction mod to build a server where bots would live together in harmony.

Makes perfect sense.

Not to mention this this Companion guy seems to be the leader of a steam group called “bot revenge” with the title “help bots get revenge” :frog:

Interesting. So why was the project scrapped? Was the progress atleast saved? Why couldn’t the materials just be spawned?

And is also vacced and has MW2 on their wishlist

I really gotta say, the old thread provided a kind of interesting, quality read for the 1st page.

Companion is long gone.

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And, according to SRDDonkey, the server is actually not gone… in fact it was completely rebuild and finished.
But i have no idea of any new information towards it.

Let’s just stop. It’s all obviously bullshit, and the SRDDonkey guy tried to scam people and make them buy him games. Bringing back this long gone thread was a mistake.

Companion nor any of the “mini-bots” or any of his other bots were BOTS. They were probably just himself or some friend, as no bot in the world could act the way they did.
Although I must admit, the old thread was kind of exciting at first, but then it went in a whole new direction… Weren’t some people gonna write a novel based on it?