The Box Citadel.

So it was promised, so it has been done.

Birds eye view showing it[/media]

And for all the people who wanted to see the bastard get squished


Uberslug, I think this deserves a new thread since I had to remake this entire citadel since the save was corrupted, and put a decent amount of time into it. Every addition has a room, and like the last thread, Nothing but boxes please

More boxes and I’m assuming that Construct will be taken over by the boxes.

So moar bockses agen.

If you get 50 more boxes, then you make it even larger?

YES! :razz:
boxes ahoy! lets see what we can make next!

At 25 boxes, I will add a pool. At 30 boxes, I will add him a wench. At 35, a guard dog, 40, a higher tower.

Your box building skills are awesome! Another box for this noble cause!

I want to make the same thing, but It would be copyright and I don’t want to get sued by you

This is… Awe… Wait for it… SOME!
I must say this is pretty impressive… Here my little collaboration in the name of the Box Nation!

Impressive:downsbravo: but for the little bastard. He don’t bleed, and it is just four boxes. At least they should have spikes sticking out of them.

He aint got time to bleed!
Predator anyone? :pseudo:

donate your box to-day!!

We have a dumb rating asshole on our hands here.
He probably got unwanted nightly visits from his father in his room when he was a boy, and now hates him self and everyone else.
Or he thinks the box button is really cool.

The only one who is going to be rated dumb here is Sottalytober:biggrin:

Admittedly Sottalytober is the first who have manage to turn the dumb rating in to a badge of honor. You have to respect that:)

5 More box’s then he makes a pool!

Pool time :v:

Yay, Pool

I have bestowed a box upon thee

Okay who the hell rated him heart.

Rated boxes to counter the aforementioned heart because boxforts are awesome.

Actually that would be Campin Carl

Oh my god, 65 boxes!! You must make a bigger box citadel!

Gentlemen, at exactly 12:00, the Box Citadel was bombed by Task Force 141. We were beginning construction on the tower and an addition after finishing the pool, when the photographer caught the bomber in the action.

The aftermath was horrible. There are no survivors. The Box War has begun. Death to Task Force 141!

[sp]The reason there is no more box tower is because I was literally hitting the prop limit. I kept crashing because of an engine error. So I decided to continue the series with a war.[/sp]