The Boy Who Tried (To Cap a Point)

100% true story.
Thanks to Taggart for the title. Sorry I forgot baby.

Named by Moi.

Nice job, but that’s what you get for using the FAN.

hides from shitstorm of noob-ass FAN faggot Scouts


FaN sux noob faggots scouts

Nice comic

I fucking hate the FAN.

I lol’d.

That’s happened before to me. That’s why I use the Sandman. =D

Lol Hairybastard’s gonna yell at you because of the muzzleflash you used.

I’ll put Janice in her place.

Funny, funnier that this can actually happen :v:

AHAH! I would love to have seen that. :v:

:lol: I didn’t expect that he FAILS so horribly:buddy:

It was very entertaining.

Brilliant, I just noticed that it was a FaN later by reading the comments because I really didn’t pay much attention to Its weapon. Anyway Nice comic, Keep it up!

What a pretty useless comment above me.


Green check mark.


Makes me want to crash a car into your house, then donate large sums of money to charity.

what a weakling.

Tiny baby!