The BP fragments aren't working for me.

The problem I’m having is that when I click reveal bp it eats my fragments or even useing blueprint pages it still eats the page and won’t give me a blueprint, does anyone know how to fix this.

I’ve already tried validating the files.

P.S It was an error on a certain server. But for some reason it only affected me.

Lots of bugs this patch…pretty bad ones. Hopefully it’s on their list.

dont worry man i redeem 8 pages and got 8 snap traps in a row!

Don’t snap traps cost 5 pages each? Regardless, 8 in a row of anything at any level is terrible RNG…

It has nothing to do with RNG the odds are the same every time it’s just piss poor luck on his part. It is entirely possible to get the same BP every time you try. There is no greater chance dependant on the past result of a different result.