The Brainwasher

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The Brainwasher, is a strange alien virus that infect your body and turn your head into an eating machine. Like zombies, they want your head, except they don’t eat your brain, they wash your brain and then rip your head out. When they capture you, they injected you with a pain killer so you won’t feel a pain. They wash your brain from the dirt and then they eat the dirt from your brain, but before they rip your head, they put a virus in your body. After that, the virus will go to your heart and use it as controlling your body for about 4.1 seconds and for the machine out of your head will take 8 seconds. And then they’ll do it again like a recycle.

Looks like somebody just finished playing Resident Evil 5.

Actually, I didn’t play Resident Evil 5.

No…no, not Coach!


Wow thats…fucked…

…but in a cool way.

someone just found out what Las Plagas is.

Well. This was weird. And kinda funny,

Um, what’s Las Plagas?


I Think i had a dream about something like this once :ohdear:

They took Coach! Thats it. :byodood: I’LL TAKE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU ON WITH MY BARE FISTS!

and this

Now I know, thanks.

At least we finally learn that Gman can be brutally murdered without the use of fast firing weapons.