A few years ago I saw a trailer for the movie “The Brave One”, which showed some lady sitting on a subway when a black guy walks up and looks like he’s gonna rape her. Then she pulls out a gun and I don’t remember what happened next. Anyway, I got a new computer and I wanted to do a project, so I made this. I think the body language is pretty good.

Why is his head inflated.

Cause he has a big head.

I wanted to make his pupils smaller, and it also makes his face more prominent.

Nah, sorry. It just looks stupid. Now if it was surrealism and everything was over-exaggerated and you heavily edited it or something, then it’d make sense.

But it doesn’t.

How would you do it?

I wouldn’t.

this better not turn into a “Lets see you do better”
that would be stupid…just stupid.
like this pose.

Uhh… everything is wrong.

I see no rape.

I only see a terribly made screenshot.

:wtc: is Eli sitting on air?!