The Break of Contact

Almost all in-game except for some bloom per Squiddy’s request.


(I know EVERYONE is using these models right now, but I just wanted to test em. Greatly made.)

Very nice atmosphere and posing :slight_smile:

Not bad at all, you sure nailed the atmosphere! I love the sun shine + light gazing into the building, creates a strong mood.

The guy in the back with the scoped rifle looks a bit awkward. When people aim down sights or through a scope, they have the stock up to their cheek or high on their shoulder so they don’t have to crane their neck so far. So the gun should be a bit higher which would make it look far less awkward. His finger posing could use some work also. And for the guy in the foreground (lost in his box magazine), we should see more of the machine gun so that we know what he’s looking at. I can hardly tell its on his lap, thought he was looking at jar at first, haha.

Guy peaking out the window looks really solid, atmosphere is great, mood is perfect, just needs a few tweaks here and there. But all around good picture! I’d like to see more Prototype, don’t see many of your poses!

Thanks! I get the sniper thing. I was trying to make it look like (since they are all kind of in the relax break time) that he was just kinda using the scope for a second, but his posing even seemed awkward for me to get right, thanks for that.

And about the MG. . It was originally going to have more space, but I felt like this was the best angle, and it wouldn’t ruin the pose if you could only see the mag and the top cover. I just noticed as well, his whole “right arm” that you can’t really see is covered. That’s the m249.

Also, this was a little bit earlier in production-

-Added soundclip