The Breifcase

I lost the unedited version.
Sorry for the poor editing.

editing? What editing?

Maybe that Blood stain is the edit.

Maybe he turned the camera sideways in Photoshop.

Blood is just oddly positioned and random, no finger posing and no editing!

I don’t get it… Some dude is just lying there, gas canisters near him, Breen got his magical floating Breifcase, Breen got hit or shot…

Is Breen trying to set the dude on flames? I can see gas under the dude and a cigarette flying towards him.

I think this is a troll thread, but idk.

I know what hes doing. . . hes trying to make a MW2 reference pose

You know. . . Loose ends

The blood was a mistake, but under the guy, that shadowy looking blob was meant to look like petrol, but I don’t know how to make liquid in GIMP - Oh, and in terms of finger posing, I’m shit at it - Its like when I finger pose all my rag dolls have Parkinson.
I did it a while ago and whilst looking through my Screenshot folder, I thought it was quite cool.