The Bridge of 2Fort

I know the stitch isn’t the best, but it’s my first try, so cut me some slack.

Could have used some further editing, like muzzleflashes and such.

Huge Resolution Much?

^ Typed that zoomed out like 50%.

It is ok, the fire is okay. Sorta boring though.

It’s a stitch.

bad posing

what stitch

Those guys doesn’t look like they’re running, but it still good.

That scout is dead. Nice posing. :smiley:

You’ve got a ton of stitching errors. There are a few sharp edges where you didn’t fuzzy erase, you can see a ghost image of the medic’s face, and his arm gets totally messed up. But the biggest problem is the background. Look between the banisters and you’ll start having deja vu.