The Bronx: Ghetto Blaster 3000 (1WGCC pre-release)

(This gamemode is still a work in progress! You’ll notice this in a few things like how the ammo HUD is incomplete and how many weapons need to be rebalanced.)

This gamemode was made for the 1 Week Gamemode Coding Competition (
It is a remake of a gamemode originally made by Awcmon.

Welcome to the Bronx, where only the stronx survive.
The Bronx: Ghetto Blaster 3000 is a fast-paced Cooperative or Single Player gamemode where you and your group explore an urban environment torn by violence. A new high-performance boombox known as the Blaster 3000 has hit the Bronx’s underground music scene. Little do its customers know: it is also a neurological hijacking device that uses sick beats to turn unsuspecting listeners into violent rioters under the control of the manufacturer, Damnsung. You and your unaffected friends (who all happen to prefer classical music for some reason) travel from area to area, destroying all the Blaster 3000’s in a last-ditch effort to save the Bronx.

-Fight hordes upon hordes of angry stereotyped rioters
-A variety of weapons and the ability to perform shove attacks with any weapon (think L4D)
-A cartoony graphic style inspired by comics and The Boondocks
-Automatic difficulty scaling keeps the game playable whether it’s single player or 8-player cooperative

Each round starts with a pre-round phase to allow people to spawn in. During this, players can freely walk around the map, collecting ammo, armor, and swapping out weapons for whatever they prefer the most.
When the round begins, rioters will begin spawning in waves around the map and the players will have 10 minutes to find all the Blaster 3000 boomboxes in the area and destroy them. Factors such as the amount of boomboxes spawned and the amount of rioters per wave are determined by the total player count. Dead players cannot respawn until the next round.

A basic guide is bundled with both downloads. I’ll periodically update them.

Play now at:

Download (Updated July 17, 2015):


Right now, this map ONLY works with sh_lockdown. Support for additional default maps will come in the future, and this gamemode DOES include a tool for you to add your own maps, however the tool was created for my own use and I still haven’t finished the tool for use by others. I’ll post an update when the tool is ready.

Plans for the future:
-Add to and balance the weapon roster
-Add in Laquisha as an enemy from the previous Bronx gamemode
-Finish the HUD

BFG – gamemode
Awcmon – weapon base and source gamemode
Silly and Spastik – weapon designs
Spastik – Graphics
SligWolf – for his ghettoblaster.mdl

Those effects look brilliant, and nice implementation of the bonus points!

The implementation of the competition’s bonus marks that i have here is probably the laziest implementation out of the entire competition :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d be surprised.

I love the use of Stinkmeaner’s voice, makes the gamemode a lot more entertaining.

I swear NanoCat did something like this and posted it on YouTube ages ago, though without the voices and other cool effects, it was just a simple script to spawn black nextbots that ran at you and hit you, nothing else happened.

It looks pretty good nonetheless, don’t like the HUD elements though.

Nanocat might have been using tyrone. I remember giving him out to a few people while the original bronx was still being worked on.

Can custom weapons be used in this gamemode?

At the moment the weapon spawning is hardcoded. Conceivably you could put your own weapons into the gamemode and change the code where I handle spawning and it would function perfectly, without errors on my part, but I would REALLY advise against it because the weapons I made for the gamemode are modeled after Left 4 Dead 2, which gives you an adequate defense against the hordes of NPCs. Some features you need are melee as a secondary function, the ability to melee while reloading, melee that hits more than one target at a time (in my case I’m using findinsphere) and a block of code under melee:

if ent.IsBronxCitizen then

The easiest way to have all of this is to just take whatever models you want and put them in using the Bronx weapons base.
Of course there’s nothing that says that you can’t just put in any weapon from any weapon base you want (except for the spawning) but if you do it will be a very hard fight.