"The Brotherhood of Steel" 3 Brothers standing on koth_harvest



It’s…alright. The midsection’s of the two on the right looks wonky, and with the it being engineer I think you could have whipped up something interesting to make it seem more like the brotherhood.

Keep it up man.

The posing looks rather bad. You should work on it.

Aah shit I missed the right engineers posing mistake.

I don’t like the composition of the picture, the poses’ direction creates an imbalance in the screen, making it unpleasant for the eye. The middle engie’s posture is looking wonky too.

Also, contrast could use some enhancing.

Lol @ scoliotic engie.

It lacks some contrast. The yellow tint makes it look weird, can’t think of the right word.

They are posing like zombies. This is as bad as a Sottalytober pose. Come to think of it, you guys are almost on the exact same level in posing. You just make simple generic poses that are easy not to mess up on.

On to the pose, based on the finger posing the engineer on the left doesn’t seem to be holding the toolbox. His knees are facing inward too much, looks like he’s gonna piss himself. The middle engi, you almost pulled off that lazy bad ass look, but you exaggerated the posing. Engi on the left, I think you already know what you screwed up on, but he seems to be holding an invisible object in his left hand.

Nice posing, nice idea, me liek.

Their backs are too slouched otherwise good.