The Brotherhood of Steel scavenging for energy weapons is about to get in a lot of trouble

“Human test subjects? In my facility!? Oh … we are gonna have such a good time!”

For the pic below you have to tilt your head 10 degrees to the right XD.

Fallout 3 colors

I managed to download gm_black to build this thing but everything seems too dark and always requires lights, oh well, it’s kind of doable though if you equip a flashlight.

I’d recommend using mat_fullbright 1 when using gm_black, until you’ve gotten down your prop placement and an idea of how you want to light the scene.

Took me a second to figure out GLaDOS was in the background, since I didn’t recognize the props at all.

for some reason i thought it was gonna be a crossover with I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, which now that i think about it would actually be really really cool considering the similarities with the two settings

It’s a collapsed elevator from portal 2, you know the ones you walk into after completing a test. They’re walking through the elevator that is lying horizontally.

Picture 2 is better color and aesthetic wise.