The brush limit.

So, I compiled my map, and of course we meet with the dreaded brush limit.

I want to know if there are any patched vbsp’s for hammer to exceed the limit OR if there is a fix for propper.

Or just if we can get rid of the brush limit :v: (im joking)

I’m kinda fascinated by how you hit the brush limit :v:, I’ve never been able to do that.

There’s no modified tools or compilers that can raise it afaik, but you could use Propper to make some of the complex stuff into models instead.

Just create two spheres that intersect and use the carve tool a couple of times :V

Or make terrain the RIGHT way

Propper works just fine?

Follow this EXACTLY, and it’ll all be fine.

I made a custom version of Hammer where carve is disabled (both the menu and the hotkey) and I fixed various windows to be less shitty, like the compile window. You can actually see the entire command line now.

I’ve been given (and have used), a custom version of VBSP which allows you to go WAY over the brush limit. Even like 2 brushes over the limit (using a modified .bsp) proved incompatible for the engine. When you joined it says the map had too many brushes, even if you used your modified vbsp to do it.

Even if under the facelimit, it’s not possible to increase the brush limit without breaking engine compatibility.

Don’t try increasing waterindicies/t-juncs… I still can’t sleep from the things I’ve seen it try to render. Did you try to raise the brush limit in your own HL2 sourcemod? That might help prove that the limit can be raised, it just needs support from the game.

Not in a source mod. The brush limit IS in place for a reason. It has to do with the rendering capabilities of source.

Pretty soon it’s going to be an obsolete issue with Source 2 coming out.

Just to be clear, we’re both talking about actually going into the HL2SDK and compiling your own vbsp/vrad/vvis and also changing the proper limits in the SDK for the mod that you compile?