The building will be their tomb

Come across a large level 6 building with no windows/gaps, weaknesses and is built on a rock to stop you getting a foundation in?

No problem, just seal all the doors with level 6 walls…

This can be achieved easily even on ground floor doors by putting a foundation down below the door, then building up and out till you get to the door. Then simply build a level 6 box around their door to seal them in and render the base useless.

Could do with some mitigation…

The old method of putting a foundation over a sleeping bag and container is working as well.

This is a concern I expressed a little while ago. The new building system makes it incredibly easy to grief other people’s bases.

Hopefully it gets sorted out.

They should add an Commandlike Sleepingbag in build area Foundation not possible to set.
Im no Programmer that would be my Idea not my Solution