The Burnout Paradise models WIP Thread

**Current Status: Indefinitely inactive. Sorry guys, unless there is another way of ripping from Burnout Paradise, this project will remain inactive FOREVER. **
[del]**Updates will be listed here of my progress and any events **[/del]
[del]They are listed by unlock order. Burning Route Versions of the Cars will come as a skingroup.[/del]

Paradise Cars:


Traffic Cars:

More info about Burnout Paradise Cars:**
**More info about the Traffic Cars here:[URL=“”]

All credits go to Criterion Games and EA for making this game and all of the cars.

Nice. Think you could get the Hunter Citizen and other police car models from the game?

Hunter Citizen, I can get it, but I don’t have Burnout License yet, I am still half-way to Class B License.
But for the others, I am not sure since you can only get Cops & Robbers from PS3 and Xbox 360 and they are quite difficult to port from.
EDIT: I got the Hunter Citizen ripped. Just need to know what to do next.

i could help you with these if you want (i have the legendary cars, and the toy cars too.) i’d be happy to be of assistance. also, cops and robbers models are sitting inside of Burnout: Paradise somewhere, considering it came with the “1.9” update.

Sure. You can help. But the problem is how you are going to get those models?

Now for something a little special, the Hunter Takedown 4x4.

Anyways, I have ripped all the cars from Learner’s and Class C License and converted into .obj. Now, the problem is that I don’t know what to do after that.

i’m guessing you use 3DRipperDX for these models, correct?
i’ve done a bit of burnout modding before and have managed to replace car models from other models within the game. i’ll have to see if they work with the CNR cars though.

and i’m assuming since you do use 3DRipperDX, will VAC pick up on that for Burnout: Paradise?

I don’t think VAC picks up on Burnout Paradise.

Was Burnout: Paradise the one with the Ecto-1? I can’t remember.

You mean the Manhattan Spirit?

Yeah, I couldn’t remember the name they used.

If some of these were to be rigged to be compatible with SCars, that would rock on so many levels, since the default vehicles handle like ass.

I am not sure how to rig these models to be compatible with SCars, but I will see about that.

You just have to compile the car body and the wheels separately. The rest is done in Lua or using the SCars 2.0 editor.

rrgh, i really hate SCars, but alright, i’ll start with the Manhattan Spirit, then the '88.

Haven’t been going on this thread for a while. I have been busy for this week. I am back into working on the models.
I am still trying to merge all the meshes in the Calvary Model using Blender, so it doesn’t spit out hundreds of SMD Files.

oh god please see if you can port the '88 Special, that is probably my favorite car from the whole game

I am not doing DLC Cars, but LilRobot I believe is doing the DLC Cars. Hes doing the Manhattan Spirit and then the 88 Special.

i’m trying my best but 3DRipper is bringing up no results on the game.

any assistance, sevenbillion?

Regrading assistance, I will send you a PM.

Also,just to let you guys know, I will gone for a month or two. Don’t expect anything from me at that time.