The Bus Race - Sponsored by The Pit

[h2]That’s right, we’re havin’ a good ol’ fashioned race. With buses. Don’t question it.[/h2]
All we’re asking is that you make a bus, stick an ACF engine on it, and show up on the server.

[h2]The race has ended and the winners are announced below[/h2]

[h2]3rd place[/h2]
Frankess with his Jelcz 043![/t]

Frankess’ bus ranks in at 3rd due to it’s distinctive styling, intersting features, and clean execution.
This 9.1 ton bus, powered by a 4.8L gas I6, was one of the slowest around the course, but what it lacked
in speed it made up for in realism. From the working doors to the handrails on the back of the seats, this
bus exudes ambience.

[h2]2nd place[/h2]
Karbine with his Akare Traveller Offroad Tour Bus!

Karbine’s bus (which frankly looked more like a camper van than anything) ranks second because while it
was fast around the track, the lengths taken to make this bus feel real made it stand out even more.
The bus is equipped with a 6.5L Diesel I6 and weighs 6.6 tons, which is about average with the other
entries. While this alone isn’t all too impressive, the details are where this bus shines. Extra
attention was spent adding ambient sounds to the bus that put it over the top; air-brakes, road noise,
cabin noise, and outside air all made a unique and accurate sound that made riding in the bus a real

[h2]1st place[/h2]
Labrasones with his New Flyer 40LFR!

Not only was Labrasones’ bus attractive to look at, it was packed with features. It had working head,
tail, parking, and turning lights, working doors, and a scrolling dot matrix display. It was the second
fastest bus around the course. The engine used was a medium electric motor which puts it a fair bit
higher up the scale on power than the rest of the buses, but we feel that this can be excused due to
the buses hefty 10.9 ton weight. Overall we agreed that this was the best-executed and most
well-rounded bus in the competition.

[h2]Thank you to everyone that entered! We had a tough time picking the winning buses, and
a lot of them were really close. You all did well, and we got some really amazing work out of

-No fin, thrusters, ballsockets, or any sort of stability or handling aid

with this do you mean we can’t even use ballsockets to turn and such? what about the thrusters, can we use them to turn the slave?

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also doesn’t seem to let me connect to the server.

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also i’d like to participate, might bring a friend depending on if he feels like it.

I’m retarded, meant hoverballs instead of ballsockets

so thrusters are not allowed to turn the slave either?
guess I’ll have to figure out how to use setang or hydraulics…

No, you can use Wire thrusters to actuate a steering arm, but you can’t use thrusters for propulsion or stabilization.

count me in for now, even though I have to figure out acf all over again, last time I tried using it was in like March :v:


actually wait for counting me in, need to check schedule for some huge film-assignment.

Just saying, but you might want to put a limit on how much E2 is allowed. For example, poor coding for apply torque plus a non 360 degree limit on the steering arm can result in a turn assist to the main vehicle.

I’d hate for you to say no e2 at all, but you might want to review E2 codes before entrance to the race.

Just something to think about maybe.

Also, I’m interested in joining, but I would like to know when you plan the race. I need to know I have enough time to work on the bus and still keep up with school work before I join for sure.

EDIT: OH, also, might be a good idea to specify minimum weight limit or something. EDIT AGAIN: Oh, there is a weight limit. Did I just not notice it before? Whatever.

I will enter. For lulz.

I’ll participate… LOLJK.

I would enter, but I don’t know shit about ACF.

I might make a bus.

I’m in. Only one thing, is the Oscar Meyer WienerMobile considered a bus?

Count me in. I’m with Red in same team.

I’m interested but I’ll probably end up bailing due to uni work and I’m bad at acf engine. So, good luck chaps :v:

I’m in! Wheelie bus here we come.

Also, does a dually setup (two wheels connected on the same axel) count as more than 4 wheels?

I do believe we need a bit bigger engines if we’re supposed to build with somewhat realistic weights, I tried 5 tons yesterday with a 7.8L V8 diesel and it felt veeeery sluggish.

I’m interested in this, sound a an awesome idea! :slight_smile:

I’ve yet to find a bus that wasn’t slow to drive. If your bus is slow, good. Busses are supposed to be slow. You’ll probably score very high.


I have several questions but I may be interested.

  1. Define bus. (What are the requirements for your vehicle to be a bus e.g. number of seats, ect.)
  2. You say it is a bus race, over what terrain will buses be racing?