The Bus Race v2 - "The Ride Continues"

The Bus Race has been summoned!
Yes you are correct! The bus race is back after rougly three years.


Sunday the 20th of March 2016
Approximately 2 PM GMT+1

Server name: Cre8ive 2.0
Server IP Address:
Slots: 14
Map: gm_carcon_ws
Prop limit on the day of the event: 450

The server will have a password on the day of the event. I will add you and give all the contestants the password.



Four contestants will line up at the start, they will be racing against eachother. The first two will go through to the next batch of racers.

You will be faced with a few challenges:

  • Ramp climbing
  • Parkour (Slalom, parallel parking, reverse slalom etc.)
  • Drag race
  • Brake test

This is where you will be showing your bus to the judges! (Yes, we will have three judges)
You will be showing all the features of the bus. The judges will make a top 4 out of the contestants, with the most realistic / beautiful bus.



1) Your bus must be realistic. (E.g. no three 23.0L V12s in your bus)
2) You may use an extended van. (This has to be at least 1.5x longer than the normal van)
3) Holo bodies are not allowed. (TDM, LW, SGM bus bodies)
4) You may use holo bodies such as NerdKoopa’s, since they require efford and time to make.
5) You may not use the ‘Fin’ tool to create downforce.
6) You may only enter one bus.
7) The Defender and I (Phulax) will judge if you’re bus has got enough “bus-elements” on the day of the event.
8) You may accidentally ram another bus. Don’t do it on purpose or we will disqualify you.
e.g Don’t pit manoeuvre.


Fill out this form and post it in the reply section. I will then add you to the list of contestants. (Don’t forget to remove the brackets)
Be sure to add a picture, so we can actually see what it’ll look like.
Steam name: <insert steam name>
Vehicle name: <insert vehicle name>



swishy86 ;; Ford B700 School bus
Slithers ;; H620p
Der Defender ;; Leyland Tiger PS1
Phulax ;; Mercedes-Benz O 10000
Bob [HD] ;; Ford B700 School bus
Archie ;; International IC RE200
MrWhite ;; 1919 White Motor Co. Model 97 Bus
[MG] Cheezus ;; 1998 Blue Bird TC/2000
[TBS] CM Punk ;; Reliant Re-Bus
TrappingGull ;; S.U.B.
OneEaredNeko ;; Extended Volkswagen Bus
Mighty Mutt & Sixshot ;; Stank Dick
[BA] Slashflex & Jan & [BA] SammyT291 ;; Pussy Wagon
chazmister56 ;; Higher Education
Kear-Ski Tyre ;; The Chimera
Homogenous Khalidius ;; Big Homie
[MG|BP|SR] Bkamahl ;; MG Bus
Codyl ;; Dodge Power Wagon Military Transport Bus
[MG] PUGSLEY ;; Le Bus


***!! IMPORTANT !!
I will add every contestant to my friendlist, so don’t forget to accept my request!

Thank you Slithers for bringing the idea up.
And thank you Cre8or for letting us have the event on Cre8ive.

Steam name: <Supertoaster73> Ill get pics as soon as the bus the body is complete
Vehicle name: <Volvo 2000NL>

I like the challenge! I run a channel on youtube, if you don’t mind I would want to record the Challenge :smiley:

I’ll ask Cre8or if it is alright, but it most likely is :slight_smile:

time to dig up the offroad bus

Ford B700 Party Bus

I mean school bus.


Can I enter 2 vehicles?

If so:
Silthers SuperAggrovan 24pL (1.5x longer wheelbase AWD Aggrovan for short bus duties)

Slithers H620p (full size single door city bus)

If not:
I’ll let you pick which one I race

Sorry but it’ll be quite a hastle… :confused: So we’ll only allow one. I’ll choose the H620p

Steam name: Der Defender
Vehicle name: Leyland Tiger PS1

Steam Name: [TBS] CM Punk
Vehicle Name: Reliant Re-Bus

pictures soon

Steam name: Bob [HD]
Vehicle name: Ford B700 School Bus[/t]


Steam name: Archie
Vehicle name: International IC RE200

Steam name: MrWhite

Vehicle name: 1919 White Motor Co. Model 97 Bus

It weighs 2.7 tons and has just shy of 90 hp under the hood. It’s got the same power:weight as some of my tanks :v:

Steam Name: [MG] Cheezus
Vehicle Name: 1998 Blue Bird TC/2000

Is there any restrictions on prop count?

Yep, the proplimit of the server is 399. I’ll ask Cre8or if he can bump it up to 450 at the day of the event.


Steam Name: TrappingGull
Vehicle Name: Custom S.U.B (Some Ugly Bus)

and i also want to record the event, just like in the rally

Righty, you can record on the day of the event. (27-02-2016) Add me on steam so I can send you the password when it’s the 27th.[/t]

Dennis Dart ( A K A Pussy Wagon )

Steam name: <[BA] Slashflex, Jan, [BA] SammyT291>
Vehicle name: <Pussy Wagon>

Steam Name [Mighty Mutt, Sixshot]
Bus Name: Stank Dick

pictures soon